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17. 03. 2020   ·

Wooden house construction costs

Already at the design phase, a special attention should be paid to cost estimation. By estimating carefully, you can optimize the costs of site preparation, material costs, transportation costs, and labor costs. Besides, a good estimation helps to control and allocate the construction costs.

Cost estimation begins with a thorough review of the documentation and evaluation. This includes estimating the roof area, foundation area, and analyzing local prices for engineering utilities. A cost estimation of a timber house usually consist of the following sections

  • Foundation costs. It directly depends on the to-be area of ​​the house, the type of the structure and the landscape. Often, a foundation accounts for up to 30% of the total budget. This money can be saved by doing the foundation yourself or using a lighter structure, for example, a blockhouse.
  • Roofing costs. These include spending on the rafter system, lathing, fasteners, waterproofing, as well as the roofing material.
  • Finishing costs. Both inside and outside the house. The total amount greatly depends on the design, the number of decorative elements and the selected finishing materials.
  • Utilities costs. This is an important part of the cost estimation which includes the costs for water supply, sewage, electrical wiring, ventilation, and climate control systems. It usually requires plenty of outsourced labor, and therefore, a market analysis is recommended.
  • Labor costs. Building a house is a specialized work that should be done by professionals because it is not only about the comfort and durability of a home, but also about its safety.

In addition, your cost estimation must also include design costs and rent of special equipment and machinery for transporting the materials. The more complex the project, the more nuances should be taken into account. There are many construction companies that can offer turnkey construction or some set of works, for example, the preparation, transportation and installation of materials. One of the saving options is to order a ready design of a house. These usually have a good balance between the costs, layout and exterior.