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17. 03. 2020   ·

Installing rafters

The rafter system is the basis of the roof of a log house. The quality, safety and durability of the roofing largely depend on how well its assembly and installation were done. The design of the rafter system always begins with the choice of the type of roof: attic or cold attic.

The elements of the rafter system are connected with struts, braces and diagonal joints. They are needed to increase rigidity and for safety. Rafters are especially susceptible to shrinkage, therefore, sliding supports are used to compensate for this. An open slide is a special L-shape fastener with a loop and a bracket, bent in the center. The movable section is mounted on the rafter side on one or two sides, and the fixed L-section is mounted on a flat ground area of the beam. In this case, the movement range should be maximum.

The roof must not only be strong, but also warm and resistant to external impacts. Its design somewhat resembles a pie with the following layers:

  • a vapor barrier;
  • insulation;
  • a waterproofing membrane;
  • lathing and counter lathing;
  • roofing material.

It should be understood that the simpler the roof structure, the faster and cheaper it is to manufacture. The large area, bay windows and the polygonal shape of the building require meticulous design and professionalism of builders at each step of the work. To avoid any blunders, it is recommended to entrust the installation of the roof system to professionals and do the roof design which will allow you to control the process according to the drawings.