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Handcrafted Log Houses

Canadian manually cut blockhouses are becoming increasingly popular around the world due to their excellent operational and aesthetic characteristics. Such blockhouses are not only very durable but also surprisingly warm and comfortable to live in due to the Canadian tongue and groove method, which ensures tight joining of the logs.

Another distinctive feature of the Canadian cutting method is the self-locking locks that do not allow cold air in during the entire service life of the building. That is why this method has become some widespread in Canada’s cold climate, appreciated by the builders and home owners alike.

Key features of the method:

  • Canadian method uses special tools to fit the logs together, leaving practically no gaps between them;
  • Canadian trapezoidal grooving ensure durability and excellent insulation which remains invisible;
  • All logs are sanded and planed manually, preserving the wood’s original texture;
  • Insulation material is placed in the insulating channel which runs along the log — this allows preserving its shape and pattern;
  • Even corner joints are adjusted to the nearest millimeter;
  • The structure’s strength is conditioned by the self weight of its logs with a diameter of up to 38 cm and their tight fit.

Manually processed round log has a difference in cross sections at its ends – the top (upper, thinner part of the trunk) and the butt-end (lower, thicker part). After debarking, i.e. removing the upper layer of wood, the logs are laid on loose stacks with a special liner in between so that the material could be ventilated but does not deteriorate.

Compared to the Russian grooving, the Canadian grooving has a number of advantages:

  • Much tighter joining of the logs due to a full-fledged locking connection of the trapezoidal grooves;
  • No need to pierce the gaps due to the super-tight locking of Canadian grooving – there will be no draughts in the corners, and the house will be a comfortable place to live in;
  • After complete sagging, Canadian blockhouses have no gaps or they are minimal, which contributes to the building’s heat properties;
  • The service life of our blockhouses is more than 100 years, while other similar log houses rarely reach 50 years;
  • The log houses built with the Canadian trapezoidal grooving look very beautiful – a real decoration of the surrounding space.