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Manually cut bathhouses are one of the most popular items in our catalogue.

Quite often, new landowners begin with building a sauna or its modification – a bathhouse with tiny living space, which can be temporarily used for living and to hide from bad weather while the big home is under construction.

Canadian technology allows building bathhouses very quickly, much faster than any similar building technologies.

We have chosen Canadian technology for our bathhouses due to the following important reasons:

  • Canadian cutting method implies fine log-fitting, which in practice enhances the strength of the log joints by several times due to the complete locking connection of the trapezoid-shaped of Canadian grooves. As the upper log sags, it fits tightly to the lower log, as if locking;
  • Due to the super-tight locking of Canadian grooves, there is no need to pierce the gaps between the logs (gaps do not appear even after the structure has completely sagged) – there will be no draughts in the corners, doors and windows will not skew, and you will be able to enjoy your bathhouse or even live there for some time;
  • Canadian cut bathhouses are built from barked (non-rounded) logs that retained the upper (near the bark), most valuable layers of wood (bast and sapwood) – this enhances the density of logs, their temperature and humidity resistance.

We design our bathhouse as well as homes based on the surrounding landscape. Not only will the building itself look flawless from an aesthetic point of view, but it will also fit into the surrounding environment, which we think is very important. It is important that your blockhouse or bathhouse is in harmony with a forest or a river in the background. Neighboring structures built in the same style look eye-pleasing unlike dissimilar buildings.