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How to order?

Before making an order, decide first which home you need – with a typical (see out catalogue) or custom design (according to your individual needs)?

Whichever you decide, contact us by e-mail: ladoga-log-home@mail.ru or by phone (WhatsApp, Viber): +79215221448. We will answer all of your questions and estimate the preliminary price of your home, and, if necessary, we agree the main steps of our cooperation.

If you can, please visit our production – we will be happy to show you our manufacturing and our facilities (new and existing ones), as well as the sights of Karelia: Ruskeala Falls (the location of the feature film “The dawns here are quiet”), the marble canyon, the island of Valaam, etc. We will not only meet you but will also help with accommodation (choose a hotel or a cabin with the Ladoga lakeside view). You can reach us by car or train.

Project and Contract

At this stage, we will do a preliminary design of your home according to your custom needs. The result will be a finished design and specifications (a list of necessary building materials, including the quantity). The design package will contain all necessary drawings (floors, openings and some of the most complex parts). The ultimate price of your home will be based on these two documents.

During the preparation (before we sign a contract), we will also need to discuss and agree on a number of important issues such as:

  • complete set of the end product;
  • materials to be used (insulation, sealant, etc.);
  • additional works;
  • the supply chain, including access to the customer’s site;
  • other organizational issues related to the assembly on the foundation (customers build foundations themselves, guided by our instructions).

Once these issues have been settled, we will sign a contract and proceed to payment.


Payment for the manufacture of a log house is usually divided into four steps:

  • 30% is paid upon conclusion of the contract;
  • 30% is paid when the first timber set is completed;
  • 30% is paid for the installation of window and door openings;
  • the remaining 10% is paid after acceptance of the finished blockhouse on site.

Payment for the assembly of the log house on the foundation is divided into two steps:

  • 50% is paid in advance;
  • Another 50% is paid after completion of work.

Progress Reporting

We will send you daily photo reports on the progress of cutting or whenever requested by the customer.


Blockhouses are transported in special frame packages. You can pick up the finished order yourself or order a delivery. We work with trusted carriers with extensive experience transporting blockhouses. Your order will be delivered safe and sound, in the shortest possible time and with minimal transportation costs.

If necessary, upon completion of all work, we will be happy to advise you on the available turnkey exterior and interior decoration options.

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