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Karelia, Sortavala, Bazarni per., 1


Mo-Sun: 10.00 - 22.00

About us

We have been operating in the international timber market since 2005. The founder of our company is a German organization Team Kanadablockhaus GmbH, which specializes in building blockhouses in Germany and other countries.

Our production is located in the city of Sortavala (Republic of Karelia), 264 kilometers from St. Petersburg and only 60 kilometers from the Finnish border.

We currently have five qualified teams of specialists of the highest class. We pay great attention to their professional training – our builders are trained by field instructors from Germany, and process engineers regularly improve their skills at various workshops in the EU. A special contribution to the training of our company employees and its promotion in Russia and the EU has been made by Nicholas Bervian, a German log house expert, trained by legendary Robert Chambers.

All our blockhouses and timber structures (homes, bathhouses, garages, gazebos, canopies, country houses, etc.) are built using Canadian manual cutting technology. For our projects, we use clean Karelian timber, harvested mainly in winter. We purchase timber directly from loggers, choosing the best species already at the cutting site. The main species is Karelian spruce. We carefully select logs without obvious or hidden defects, with an average diameter of 38 centimeters.

During its existence, our company has successfully completed more than 140 projects, 90 of which were in the EU. Our customers often come from such countries as Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Norway and Russia. In these countries, we have established good supply chains which enable fast and least expensive delivery.

You can contact us by e-mail ladoga-log-home@mail.ru or by phone (WhatsApp, Viber) +79215221448.

Why us?

We use Canadian cutting technology

We use logs up to 12 meters long and with a diameter of 38 cm or more

We manufacture full round rafters

We employ professional architects from Germany and Russia to design our homes