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Garden Log Cabins

Our company manufactures homes and structures from mini timber bars – a special kind of bar-shaped timber which is distinguished by its small dimensions (145*45 mm) and increased strength.

To assemble a house from mini timber bars is to sequentially join the elements (longitudinal tongue and groove joints and between-the-set grooves) into a single wall surface (the so-called “tongue-and-groove” connection).

Prefabricated mini timber bar houses have several advantages:

  • built from environmentally friendly natural material;
  • with a thickness of only 45 mm, the wall has the strength and reliability of a masonry;
  • these are full-fledged, comfortable, low-cost dwellings;
  • quick installation – a mini timber bar house is usually erected in just a couple of days;
  • the mini timber bar walls do not require cladding – and can be painted or varnished immediately after construction;
  • easy to assemble – if you have necessary knowledge and skills, you can buy a prefabricated house kit and assemble it yourself.

Today, less people use their summer cottages for agriculture, but rather as a weekend or holiday destination. People tend to build prefabricated mini timber bar houses as their summer houses. They also frequently order from us the following:

  • guest houses – no foundation is required, quick assembly;
  • canopies – multifunctional sheds for work and leisure;
  • barns – another type of multi-functional timber structures, but more for work;
  • gazebos – an outdoor structure where you will spend unforgettable moments with your family and friends;
  • baths – a good place to rest in end of a working week;
  • children’s play houses – can be made as a tiny copy of the estate. Children love playing in these houses, hide from the rain and even sleep;
  • garages – an excellent solution for parking your car.