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The casing, or enclosing frame, is a special wooden frame that helps reduce pressure on windows and doors during the shrinkage of a log building and maintain its geometry. Due to its design, this element can be moved a little, reducing the negative impact on the windows in the process of the house shrinking. Specifics:

  • The casing is mounted to the ledger inserted into the opening. This ensures sliding that protects the box from the shrinkage effects.
  • To calculate the casing height, it is recommended to subtract about 8 percent from the opening’s height. The upper gap is filled with a special sealant which, when shrinking, is able to deform and thus protect wooden surfaces.

All elements must be treated with an antiseptic during installation. The casing is assembled without any fasteners (screws, nails or bolts), so it is important to carefully calculate the size and correctly perform the installation.

Our company offers the following casing installation scheme.

Installing the casing according to this scheme allows for both wooden and plastic windows. The casing element does not decrease the strength or durability of the log house, nor its attractiveness.