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A staircase is an essential element of any multi-story private house, connecting the upper and lower floors of a building. It also helps to zone the area and if having an exquisite design can itself serve as interior decoration.

We manufacture of staircases from solid wood without the off products such as sawdust and wood shavings. Unlike particle board or MDF, solid wood products have much better appearance and performance – and a higher price too.

Wood can roughly be of two types – solid and laminated. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages, and the choice depends on the custom needs, interior and budget.

Solid wood items are made from solid wood. Solid woods looks natural and expensive, with natural knots, pitch pockets and veins.

Laminated wood items are assembled from laminates – pieces of wood that were not suitable for the manufacture of a solid wood item. Laminated wood items do not crack and withstand high shock loads while having lower manufacturing cost. Their disadvantage is that their performance depends on the quality of the glue. If made of high-quality material which however contains synthetic components, laminated wood items can hardly be called environmentally friendly.

You can enhance the functionality of your staircase by creating a storage space underneath it – for keeping shoes, tools, household utensils etc.