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Garden furniture

Beautification includes not only planting greenery and adding decoration, but also garden furniture. And what furniture will harmonize with timber buildings? Wooden, of course, made in the same style.

Our craftsmen will make tables, benches, armchairs, chaise lounges and other garden furniture for you, taking into account the custom style of your near home space. We guarantee that our furniture will be made in style and adapted to the landscape specifics of you site.

Garden furniture has plenty of advantages and only one drawback:

  • durability – garden furniture will not bend or break even under heavy weight. It will serve you a very long time provided it is used correctly;
  • attractive appearance – timber homes and natural materials never become out of fashion and have been enjoyed by many generations;
  • universal – wooden garden furniture fits any design and organically matches timber houses;
  • style – wood is an excellent material for embodying the most daring ideas;
  • natural warmth – unlike metal or stone, wood is able to retain heat longer, and it is always nice to touch;
  • easy transportation – wooden items are significantly lighter than metal or stone ones. They can be moved or transported without extra costs.
  • eco-friendly – hardly there is a more environmentally friendly material than natural wood. In the world of plastic and chemical compounds, it is so nice to surround oneself with wooden items.

However, wooden garden furniture has one drawback – it does not tolerate temperature drops and high humidity. It is better not to leave it in the pouring rain and impregnate with oil for winter. As a compromise, put your garden furniture under a canopy or in the gazebo, and cover it with an envelope in winter.