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Rafters from logs

Here you can order the manufacture of rafters from logs for the rafter system of your home. We manufacture full round rafters from our own high-quality blanks – straight-line barked logs that have passed quality control (do not have rot or wormholes). We manufacture rafters from timber logs with diameters more than 260 mm .

Today, when many builders use 50×150 or 50×200 mm boards for the rafter systems of private houses or country cabins, we prefer log rafters.

Rafters made of logs – an exclusive solution for the interior and exterior decoration of the house. They enhance the decorative design, look very unusual and expensive. In addition, the log is much stronger and more durable due to the minimum mechanical and chemical processing.

We manufacture full round rafters up to 12 meters long, which greatly simplifies the installation of the rafter system (there is no need for additional joints) and enhances its strength.