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17. 03. 2020   ·

Installing a log house on the foundation

Installation of the log house is the next step once the foundation and walls are ready. The basement set depends on the type of a house and the rigidity of its foundation. Each log is then stacked sequentially according to the design.

The Canadian method implies the absence of any gaps between the logs, which is achieved by the tight fit, trapezoid grooving and putting the insulation into the internal channel. All corner joints are adjusted to the nearest millimeter, which ensures not only a beautiful appearance, but also the correct geometry of the log house.

Such installation involves plenty of painstaking manual work, and in the case of large diameter logs – lifting machines. Inaccurate design and non-compliance may lead to irreversible consequences – walls might skew in the corners, gaps might appear along with the cold joints. That is why all our builders regularly improve their skills and participate in different workshops.