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13. 03. 2020   ·

Bay windows in log houses

German Erker means window space projecting outward from the wall. This is an architectural element or part of a balcony or loggia. Its main purpose is to increase the usable space inside and, when using full glazing, the natural lighting. In addition, bay windows are a real architectural decoration – they give a house an unusual appearance.

The added space can be used for almost anything, be it a light cabinet area or a dining room with a large oval table. Outward wall projections often used a children’s play or relaxation area. Bay windows can be located on the second floor, enhanced by the decorative French, or panoramic windows. This significantly increases the illumination and allows you to enjoy a beautiful view from your window. The projection can be added to any room in your house, be it a bedroom, a living room or even a bathroom (if necessary, zone the area with a decorative partition or curtain). When placed on the ground floor, bay windows can serve as a kind of vestibule to protect the house from heat losses in winter. Bay windows are usually decorated according to the interior and exterior style of the building.

Building a house with bay windows and multigabled roofing is much more difficult than with straight walls because it has more angles, butt joints, and higher user of materials. In a log house, a bay window may have one or more windows and glazing around the perimeter. The shape of bay windows must be taken into account during the design phase – often it is a joining of three or five walls, while triangular or round structures are almost never used. This element has a base, a roof and walls, and if the projection takes more than one floor high, it is necessary to build the floor deck. Depending on the construction technology, bay windows may have load-bearing walls, but in this case a separate foundation is required.

When planning the construction of a bay window in your home, you must include it during the designing, especially if it starts from the ground floor and, as such, requires specific foundation. Wall projections increase the internal space – something to be also taken into account when designing the heating and ventilation in your home.