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Interior design solutions

A log house is a special type of a wooden home in terms of its structure and interior design. Log walls are not clad with drywall, and the ceiling is uncovered. Regardless of the style, there are plenty of common solutions that can accentuate the charm of a log home. Interior design recommendations:

  • Since the walls themselves are am element of the decor, they should not be covered with the furniture. It is important to maintain a balance between open space and interior decoration;
  • The stove or fireplace also acts as an important element of the interior and allows you to warm the space. These are usually made of natural materials and placed in the corner of the room, between the rooms or even in the center of the living room;
  • The beams made of logs allow you to accentuate the ceiling, giving it a unique appearance. Smart illumination is another way to accentuate the space. Exposed ceiling beams are an essential attribute of the chalet style;
  • The floor in a wooden house is planned at the design stage. Wide, massive floor boards look especially harmonious in spacious rooms; as an alternative, you can use parquet or laminate floor that mimics the wood pattern;
  • To visually enlarge the space, arched openings and panoramic windows may be used. For example, a bay window with a large glazing area not only gives the house a sophisticated appearance, but is also very functional – you can organize a cabinet there, or a relaxation zone or a place for family gatherings.

Forging can be used to add openwork to your log home. It is used to decorate stairs, railings or wall sconces. And the use of glass in the interior adds lightness to the otherwise massive logs.

There is a plethora of stylistic solutions for decorating a wooden house: rustic, chalet, Scandinavian, colonial or Russian style, country. It is desirable to decide on the interior style at the design stage because it impacts the placement of architectural and decorative elements.