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18. 03. 2020   ·

Wiring in log houses

One of the drawbacks of wooden houses is the high fire hazard. Therefore the installation of electrical wiring must be carried out with due care and responsibility. Incorrect wiring can lead to loss of property and a threat to human health and life. Attention should also be paid to the aesthetic side of this issue, as aesthetically designed electrical wiring and appliances complement the interior design. For log houses, there exist two wiring options.

Outdoor wiring

With this option, the wiring is visible. For example, retro style wiring, popular in the mid-20th century, is now back in fashion – it allows you to maintain the integrity of logs while also being a full-fledged element of the interior style. This method uses copper stranded wires with synthetic insulation of different shades. The wires are attached to the wall using special insulators. Not only is this safe, but also aesthetically attractive.

Wiring inside the log walls

Our company offer necessary preparation for this type of wiring. First, electrical engineer and the customer make a house-wide wiring diagram and determine where and which trenches to drill. If possible, the customer is recommended to arrive onsite when their log house is ready (or during the acceptance) and go through the electrical points on the walls again. It helps to see firsthand how the wiring will look like and adjust the height and/or side of the switch if necessary (for example, to the left or to the right of the door).

Once the wiring diagram is aligned, the builders then drill holes in the logs (32-38 mm). A special electric corrugation will be mounted in the trenches during the process of assembling a log house on the foundation. The cabling is mainly done on the floor.

When installing sockets and switches, an electrician will drive the cables through these channels using a “conductor”. Some wires can be hidden in the frame partitions (if any) or ceilings.

Do not forget about the outdoor lighting of the house. Decorative street lamps give extra charm to the house as they illuminate the house area in the nighttime.

All electrical work should be trusted only to professionals, and not only for the sake of the aesthetics but, most importantly, safety of your home.