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Designing wooden houses

Not a single log house construction is complete without a design. Design allows you to optimize your costs at each stage of work and see the target state, while also being a necessary document for obtaining an operation clearance. Designing consists of several interrelated steps.

Preliminary Design

This gives a general view of your to-be home, its layout and location on the site. At this stage, you decide about all structural elements, for example, dimensions of the stairs or the chimney.

During the preliminary design, customer chooses the material of the future home and determines where the piping and cabling will be installed. Preliminary design is also required for obtaining a building permit with the authorities.

Detailed Design

Based on the preliminary design, a detailed design consists of the architectural and structural parts. This document is important for builders, especially the foreman, as it allows tracking all stages of work and the compliance of structures. If necessary, the customer can get an album with a detailed design, for example, for re-building or refurbishment.

Piping and Cabling

This section specifies the composition and exact location of all the piping and cabling elements in the house, including a heating unit, radiators, a pump, electrical panel, and plumbing. In addition, this part includes schemes for electric cables, ventilation and sewer pipes.

3D Model

Computer modeling of the house allows you to take into account all specifics of your future home. Using a 3D model, you can view in detail the facade, the roof and even the interior, which is very useful for interior design arrangement of the adjacent territory. In addition, a 3D model allows you to see your house from any angle and in any daylight conditions.

Your house can have a typical or a custom design. In the first case, the customer is offered a selection of houses with optimal size, layout and pre-designed elements. In case of a custom design, we take into account all your wishes and needs to create exclusive projects fit for complex landscapes.