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18. 03. 2020   ·

What to start building a house with?

A detached house has many advantages, therefore more and more families are choosing this type of housing. However, this involves some effort not only during the construction, but also preparation of the site. Before starting logging, it is required to go through a “zero” cycle (laying the foundation), but this is only a small part of the preparatory work that lies with the responsibility of the customer.


What to look for when choosing a place for construction:

  • local relief and landscape;
  • location;
  • infrastructure;
  • documents for the site, type of the land.

Then you can begin geological and geodetic surveys and a topographic survey of the site. After surveying, it is recommended to immediately enclose the place so that this does not interfere with the passage of construction equipment.


To obtain a construction permit, you need to prepare a number of required documents which must be checked with the local regulator.

At this stage, typical design always win – they allow you to start construction almost immediately (provided that the site is prepared) without any serious investment in the design work.

An important function of the area layout is to study the options of how to transform the site into a living area that meets the needs of the family as much as possible. At this step, it is advisable to determine where all your facilities will be located, the piping and cabling will be laid, what style your home will have, and what plants will be grown there, taking into account the local climate and soil.


After carrying out the design and obtaining the necessary approvals, you can proceed with the construction of the foundation. The type of foundation should be selected taking into account the characteristics of your future home and its weight. It is important to consider that concrete will take up to 30 days to gain strength – this time can be used for other things to prepare the site.

You can be improving your home forever, and even after you have moved in you may have may many small but pleasant improvements to do.