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18. 03. 2020   ·

One-Story Log House: Pros and Cons

The number of storeys in your to-be home is an important consideration which must be decided during the construction planning phase. The price of the future log house, its exterior and, even more so, the comfort of living will depend on the area and the number of storeys. In this article we have collected all pros and cons of single-storey log cabins.


  • A one-story house is cheaper at all stages of construction: less cubic volume of wood, less foundation area, less roofing material and insulation. The construction time is shorter too.
  • A one-storey log house does not have a staircase, which reduces the cost of the construction and increases the safety of moving for pets, the elderly and children. In addition, the total usable area of ​​the living space is also higher.
  • Optimal layout – one-storey buildings allow to effectively arrange all zones due to the area limitation.
  • Such houses requires less furniture and interior items. HVAC system is also easier to design.


  • A one-story house does occupies larger site area, especially if one wants to have the adjoining area around the house.
  • No balconies or stairs in the house, which is otherwise a decoration of the house.
  • Due to the limited area of ​​the house, one can hardly have separate bedrooms for all family members or a large living room or a kitchen. Rooms are usually made smaller so as to accommodate as many functional areas as possible.

When choosing the number of storeys that your future house will have, it is important to correctly assess your financial capabilities and consider your objectives and wishes.