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18. 03. 2020   ·

Large diameter log houses

Log cabins made from large-diameter logs have become very popularity lately. Such houses revoke the original building traditions while also offering durability, environmental friendliness and attractive exterior.

The existing construction standard do not have any guidelines for log houses. In practice, builders use logs from 36 cm in diameter. This material requires special knowledge and skills. As a result, we always get an exclusive house with many advantages:

  • Warmth. The larger the diameter of the tree, the lower its thermal conductivity. Log houses are always warm, cozy and comfortable. In addition, they have high thermal insulation, which allows saving on heating in cold weather.
  • Durability. Logs of large diameter have unique durability and resistance to deformation. A smaller number of rims significantly improves the operational characteristics of the building, which is appreciated in the construction of country houses, restaurants and vacation retreats.
  • Authentic design. Bulky log constructions look very attractive and authentic. The aesthetics of their exterior is very appealing. Even with minimal decoration, a log house is always in the focus of attention.

In addition, the logs are more stable in the process of cutting, assembly and shrinkage. This is due to the fact that the older the tree, the more resistant it is to temperature changes and other external impacts. During the procurement, each tree is selected manually; only thick and strong trunks are used.

It must be taken into account during the design phase that building a log house require the use of a crane and other lifting equipment. The high price is also due the cubic volume of the wood which is required for the construction of a log house, and a reinforced foundation. One should be prepared for the fact that the internal space will be slightly reduced due to the thickness of the walls, which is more than compensated by the attractive exterior.

A large diameter log house is the best solution for those who want to live in an unusual and a durable house. It looks imposing and always stands out against the background of typical houses made of typical materials.