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18. 03. 2020   ·

Advantages and disadvantages of two-story log houses

If you decided to build a wooden house, it is important to choose not only a logging technology, but also the number of storeys your house will have. Two-story designs are most popular choices for families. They usually have small land plots. But let’s consider all pros and cons of two-storey timber buildings.


  • A two-story log house is suitable for small sites. It will save the area for other buildings on the site, such as a bathhouse, a garden, barns, or simply a recreation area.
  • Two-storey houses often help save money on building materials and site preparation. A house with two storeys may cost less in terms of its foundation and roof but give more useful square meters of space.
  • Warm air always flows upwards, therefore heating a tall house is easier and cheaper than a one-storey building with a large area. Besides, you can save on the space heating and underfloor heating.

Two-story houses allow you to better zone the residential areas in the building, where each family member can have their own bedroom without detriment to the dining room or living room space. Also, the exterior of two-storey buildings looks especially attractive, and there is more space for some interesting architectural solutions.


  • Log houses and heavy wall materials, for example, logs with a large diameter, require a stronger foundation due to higher load.
  • There is also a need for a staircase to the second floor. This element can be quite expensive and takes up a lot of usable space.

It should be borne in mind that building a two-story house is always more expensive than a one-story house it requires a large cubic volume of wood, special equipment and more materials. However, the construction of such a building is an investment in the future because you will not have to think about expanding the area due to the lack of space.