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18. 03. 2020   ·

Exterior arrangement of a wooden home

Once a log house has been cut, its construction does not end – it is time to do exterior and interior finishing. The exterior of a building depends on how well were its functional and decorative elements designed. So, this is something that must be taken into account already during the design phase. Recommendations:

  • Unlike frame houses, the facade of log houses does not need cladding as logs are an excellent decoration material that has high thermal conductivity and strength. After the construction is completed, it is important to apply wood protection and impregnation (to protect against rotting, mold and insects), which can be colorless or have some shade;
  • A good foundation skirting is a waterproofing and heat-insulating layer around the foundation of a house. Most often, builders use concrete or tiled rigid skirting;
  • The drainage system should be as efficient as possible, in line with the general design of the log house. Depending on the material, the drain can be plastic, metal or copper. All parts of the system are attached to the roof and walls, so when installing, you should take into account the shrinkage of the log house.

The key exterior accents a wooden house must be provisioned when creating a sketch of the to-be home. However, it can later be developed, including the color of the painting, the exterior of the windows, doors and decorative elements, such as platbands, cornice boards, carved elements.

The exterior design must be balanced, and all decoration elements must combine well with each other. That is why it is recommended to do a deep design of your home or use 3D model visualization, which allows you to view you house from all sides.