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19. 03. 2020   ·

Archs in log houses

Interior arched passages between rooms help to avoid isolation of rooms and installation of doors. They fit perfectly into the style of a log house and complement the interior. The peculiarity of the vaulted arches is that they delimit the space of two different rooms and connect them at the same time. When it is appropriate to install an arch:

  • to join a bedroom and a living room, or a kitchen and a dining room;
  • to create a transition from one room to another;
  • to visually increase the area of ​​the house.

In addition, arched openings make room for shelves, paintings, sconces, and other decorative elements on the walls. Depending on their appearance, arches can be classical (semicircular or arched), trapezoid, rectangular, or combined. We can manufacture any custom arches, including log bar.

A well-designed arch in a log house becomes an excellent interior solution. At the same time, this element does not affect the strength and durability of the log house.