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19. 03. 2020   ·

Roofing in log house

Roof is one of the key elements of a log house, so it is important to competently approach the choice of its design and material. Conventional pitched roofs are usually used for residential buildings. These prevent higher loads due to snow, accumulation of precipitation, and the overhangs prevent the accumulation of moisture in the walls.

A roof covered with roofing material is only the visible part of a complex structure. Its basis is the rafter system. Not only the durability and reliability of the roof itself, but also the entire house depends on how well the roofing was designed and mounted. Elements of the roof are:

  • ledgers;
  • rafters;
  • roofing pie: vapor barrier, insulation, waterproofing, lathing and counter lathing, and roofing material.

The simpler the form, the faster is the manufacturing of the roof and the lower is the risk of installation error. It is strongly recommended that you contact a professional who will design your roof according to the specific parameters of your house.

One of the advantages of a log house is the variability of roofing material. When choosing a roofing solution, pay attention to the durability, reliability, specific gravity per square meter, ease of installation and aesthetic appeal. In practice, builders often use shingles (sand-cement, flexible, ceramic, composite or metal). For log houses, heavy roofing material is preferred as it contributes to proper shrinkage of the log cabin.