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20. 03. 2020   ·

Foundation and Ground Beam

The strength of the foundation and its laying method will determine how long your home and its shape will stand. There exists several solutions for the construction of the base. However, we recommend a slab type of foundation – it is strong and withstands heavy loads, such as the log walls. When installing houses, we follow the following scheme:

  • foundation plate;
  • waterproofing;
  • 200×200 mm base bar, treated with an antiseptic solution;
  • sealing tape;
  • first basement rim.

On the basement rim, we then mount the floor ‘pie’ which will be the future flooring in the home. See more details on the diagram below:

The base of the house is additionally insulated from the outside, including lining and flashing.

Already before hewing, it is important to make sure the foundation surface is flat as the geometry of the entire structure will depend on it. A foundation which has any distortions is absolutely not fit for construction as it will lead to dire consequences. Foundation must be designed by a professional designer, taking into account the geological and landscape specifics of your site.