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17. 03. 2020   ·

Inserting frame walls

Despite the numerous advantages, log cabins have one drawback – the natural volume of logs reduced the interior space. To increase the space, a combination of load-bearing log and interior frame walls is used. For example, a frame wall can be installed between the storeroom or two bedrooms. These partitions are also suitable for zoning the space in the kitchen or living room.

Partitions between rooms or utility rooms are made of lighter materials (boards, drywall). However, it is important to take into account that log walls are prone to shrinking, unlike the frame. Therefore, builders need to make sure that they join them correctly.

For this, a groove is cut out in the log wall, and the log’s end is rounded to allow installation of a platband. Thus, a characteristic groove is formed in the log, where the frame wall will be installed. It is framed by a platband, and the inside partition is insulated. See the insertion drawing below:

With a good interior design, frame walls complement the beauty of the logs, perfectly fitting into the general interior of the home.