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16. 03. 2020   ·

A modern log home

The modern log home building technologies have allowed a rich variety of interior and exterior solutions. A modern log house looks not only attractive but also features unique functionality.

Each floor is custom designed, taking into account the wishes and requirements of a given customer. Our designer will help you not only to visualize your future home but to work through all architectural solutions. The modern trends in log home building are:

  • The structure and integrity of the logs are preserved during the installation of walls – that is why the Canadian method has become so popular in many countries of the world. The tree trunks are also preserved in the interior, for example, in floor beams or wall supports, which creates originality and eclecticism;
  • Large windows can be installed on any floor – this allows better illumination and a panoramic view;
  • Open living spaces significantly expand the total area, and arched openings prevent squarish geometry inside the home;
  • Walls are treated with natural materials (any shade and color) which not only protect wooden floors from external impacts but also allow the house to “breathe”;
  • Custom design of the stairs. Decorative railing can be accentuated with steel or glass forging;
  • A separate dressing room – allows you to avoid bulky furniture for storing your clothes;
  • Log style and high functionality of bathrooms. In the log homes, there is no need for cold tiled floors or similar materials.

The appearance and functionality of a log house largely depend on how well its HVAC system was designed. Modern technologies and materials make cabling and wiring look contemporary and even stylish – for example, there is currently an interior design trend to use open-type retro wiring.

Design of a log home must not miss a single thing. It is useful to develop a 3D model where you can view your log house from all angles and in any daylight conditions.